1. What is MediCard Select?
MediCard Select is a healthcare coverage for SMEs, individuals and families where members only pay for minimal service fee, access fee and revolving fund. Revolving funds are returned when unused.

2. What is a Revolving fund?
Revolving fund is the fund being negotiated to the client. This is subject for replenishment.

3. How would I know if I already need to replenish my fund?
A statement of account will be sent to your address by MediCard.

4. How should I replenish my fund? Can I just deposit it to any bank and send you a copy of the deposit slip?
You may deposit your fund to our bank. A copy of the deposit slip must be e-mailed to us thereafter for verification.

5. What are the requirements for replenishment?
There are no other requirements for replenishment. However, we encourage that you keep your funds updated to avail yourself of healthcare services.

6. What is included in your access fee?
Annual Physical Exam or APE is included aside from having access to our accredited providers nationwide.

7. Is there a deadline for replenishment? If I don’t replenish my revolving fund on time, what will happen?
The deadline for replenishment is on a case-to-case basis. Depending on the situation, you may not be able to avail yourself of a healthcare service if revolving fund is not replenished on time.