1. What is MediCard Select? It is a healthcare program where MediCard administers a given health fund initially deposited by members to get access to MediCard’s network of hospitals and doctors and avail themselves of services.

2. What is a Revolving fund? This is a fund set up to pay for all medical availments. It is subject to replenishment and refunded at the end of membership.

3. Do I need to pay for the revolving fund? Health is wealth and we should invest on it. The revolving fund belongs to you, you are not paying but depositing. Making sure your funds are intact ensures you get hassle-free future availments. Since the funds belong to you, you may withdraw it at anytime if you need to discontinue your membership. We will need a  3-4 months turn-around-time for this to accommodate incoming bills, if any.

4. Is the revolving fund fixed? The revolving fund may be adjusted after we review the filled out applications.

5. How would I know if I already need to replenish my fund? A statement of account will be sent to your address by MediCard.

6. How should I replenish my fund? You may deposit over-the-counter at the bank or transfer funds online. A copy of the deposit slip or the confirmation email from the bank must be e-mailed to us thereafter for verification.

7. What are the requirements for replenishment? There are no other requirements for replenishment. However, we encourage that you keep your funds updated to avail yourself of healthcare services.

8. Is there a deadline for replenishment? If I don’t replenish my revolving fund on time, what will happen? The deadline for replenishment is on a case-to-case basis. Depending on the situation, you may not be able to avail yourself of a healthcare service if revolving fund is not replenished on time.

9. How much is the premium? MediCard Select is a Third Party Agreement (TPA)/Cost Plus Program wherein we require the setting-up of a REVOLVING FUND instead of collecting the premium to start the program.

This fund will be exclusively used to pay all approved hospital bills, professional fees with minimal administrative fee and VAT. It shall be replenished on a regular basis to maintain the required fund balance. Technically, there is no premium to be paid other than the access fee.

10. Can I pay monthly, quarterly or semi-annual? You can pay up to a maximum of 3 months. Note though that underwriting cut-off schedule will apply on the last payment to determine effectivity date of membership.

The following is our underwriting cut-off:
Date of receipt of application and payment:
11th to 25th of the month
Effectivity date: 1st of the following month

Date of receipt of application and payment:
26th to 10th of the month
Effectivity date: 16th of the same month

11. What is included in your access fee? Annual Physical Exam or APE is included aside from having access to our accredited providers nationwide. Plus, enjoy perks from our Skin & Body Laser and Aesthetic Care Centre.

12. Are pre-existing conditions covered? Yes, for as long as the member’s revolving fund is intact. This is subject to 15% service fee and 12% VAT for every availment.